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Simon James Hunter

A last minute decision to go see James one Sunday night we travelled from Hartlepool & bought 2 tickets from a tout outside the Town Hall at double the face value only to find on entry that it wasn’t quite sold out and we could have saved a few quid! The gig was amazing as ever, a period where James were top of their game and every night they played felt special. Not being able to afford the obligatory James flowered t-shirt due to overspending on the ticket we left satisfied and sweaty via the front left fire exit to witness a counterfeit merchandise vendor’s money bag split all over the pavement. Seizing the opportunity we took this to mean ‘scramble’, robbed from the rich, re-entered the Town Hall, bagged a couple of classic pieces of flowered tops and some James branded and flavoured condoms and slinked backstage to meet the band. Tim Booth very kindly signed the condom box along with ‘The Strawberry ones are delicious’! How was it for you? Memorable…????

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