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Simon Holliday

1st gig ever, The Prodigy at Boro town hall. We were about 16 or 17 so round about ’93ish? Anyway it was a total last minute thing and we literally got offered two tickets 2 hours before showtime! Bus ride to the Boro and stood outside queuing up when who should pop his head out of the door at the top of the stone steps round the side of the town hall? The man himself mad Keith. Now this was before his crazy hair period when he looked more like he belonged in the Happy Mondays than the Prodigy. He spent around 20 minutes and especially enjoyed tormenting us “yung uns” and warning us that he likes to swear a bit during his performances!! Anyway we got in we got to see and hear the bands new material which married their already established keyboard driven dance style with hard bad mad guitar riffs and took the roof off!! Quality gig quality venue 1st if many!!

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