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Laura Jade Smith

In my teens (2003-2006) I spent most months frequenting various gigs from Jesse James to Wheatus. At times, doing so rebelliously on a school night; how very rock and roll. Crowd surfing and mosh pits became my regular pass time.

Little did I know I would become somr sort of teenage vigilante, much to the delight of Brendan Brown (Wheatus’ frontman). Many of us crowdsurfed and inadvertently infiltrated the stage. The atmosphere was electric, however we were soon grounded with a shock. Somebody had stolen Brendan’s iconic ‘Teenage Dirtbag’ glasses straight from his face.

Putting my detective skills to the test, I managed to slither through the crowds to weed out the thief. With a quick and sneaky swipe I managed to retrieve the glasses, whilst they were being carelessly waved around boastfully by the culprit.

Greeted with a big hug, kiss on the head and an autograph for my troubles Brendan was back to being his iconic self in no time. The autographed ticket has pride of place in my memory box.

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