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Alison Deacy

I was always told that my Great grandfather lived in Middlesbrough Town Hall, but I was never sure until a census record showed that it was true. The family lived in a flat at the top of the town hall because my great great grandfather was the Head Fireman when the Town Hall first opened. My husband organised a guided tour of the flat a couple of years ago. It was great to see the large airy rooms with lovely marble fireplaces. The rooms had round windows which can be seen high up in the building from the area beside the library. It was quite a large flat as it had to house the family and the fireboy. I could imagine running down the many stairs which lead to the quadrangle where the fire appliance was housed then preparing to go out and save lives. The flat had ducting and shelves which distracted from the details but it was a fabulous experience being so close to where my ancestors had lived.

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