George Gordon Hoskins, architect. (1837-1911)

December 7, 2017

George Gordon Hoskins was the man who designed Middlesbrough Town Hall. He won a design competition to become the architect for the building and he supervised its construction.

‘The very focus of municipal life’

August 9, 2017

Exactly 130 years ago, on 9th August 1887, the current Council Chamber was inaugurated by hosting the quarterly meeting of Middlesbrough Town Council, with the event hailed as an important day in the history of the town and the ongoing construction of the Town Hall and Municipal Buildings.

Felix Corbett: Middlesbrough’s first official Borough Organist

May 25, 2017

Felix Corbett was appointed as Middlesbrough Borough Organist. He fulfilled this role for the next forty years, playing at Civic and Mayoral events and giving recitals to the public of Middlesbrough.

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